Last night Nick got home from work, changed, kissed me, gulped down some water, and began his nightly relax/zone-out ritual.  Then, he stopped, came over to me, and stood above me flipping my hair back and forth, lifting it up to the light and squinting.  Finally he reached a conclusion, ” Oh, you did color your hair!”  It was a beautiful moment.

NEWSFLASH– doing 30 pushups 3 days in a row will result in sore inner elbows and a sore ribs-to-hips region.

Ummm . . . I swear I thought about meaningful or at least, amusing things to say all day, but now I can’t think of what they were.  OH!  On Saturday we went to a 70’s theme birthday party, so I bought a cheap romper at Target because I am nothing if not committed to themes for parties!  Now, I find rompers to be rather questionable as far as legitimate clothing goes,  seeing as how they’re pretty much onesies for adults and also when you go to the bathroom you have to take off your entire outfit and the part closest to your FACE and MOUTH might touch the floor of a public bathroom and that’s how people get scurvy.  And gonorrhea.  Also, just to go pee, you have to get almost completely nekkid, and that’s weird.  However, for the sake of a themed party, I got over my reservations and bought one such article of clothing and wow, cats and kittens, it is comfortable!  Like, oldest fuzzy pajamas comfortable.  Light, airy, doesn’t require a lot of thought, your buttcrack will never fall out, just so comfy.  So now I have to split my opinion, because I have one and it is so comfortable I thought about wearing it the next day during non-70’s themed time, but also they’re still ridiculous and look sort of funny.  Now here’s my idea – I want to find a cheapie pattern at Joann’s and then make myself some more rompers, killing two groovy birds with one far out stone.  I’d have more obscenely comfortable clothes, and I’d do something creative and mostly useful.  What do you think?