We love popcorn.  Have I mentioned this before?  I mean, we really love popcorn.  We buy white popping corn in bulk from Winco because we love it so much and eat it in such large amounts.  Last night, we had a conversation that looked like this:

Nick: Popcorn!

Me: Popcorn?

Nick: Popcorn.

Me: Popcorn. . . hmmm.  Popcorn.


And then I went off to the kitchen to make some . . . you know, popcorn.  When I make such a lovely snack, I don’t fill just a bowl, oh no.  That is short-sighted, thinking small, staying inside the box.  I get a brown paper bag and fill it at least halfway.  Nick and I can eat that entire amount in about 4 days, tops.  It gets eaten by the random handful as we walk past the table on various trips across the apartment,  we cuddle it between us like a pet or child while watching a movie, and it sometimes counts as breakfast – salty, crunchy breakfast.

Bair Mahogany was visiting during the Great Popcorn Eloquence, and he watched my preparatory process with interest.  He’d taken some culinary classes in the past.  I talked him through my actions as I made popcorn, old school.

Heat 1/8″ canola or vegetable oil in a thin-sided 3 quart saucepan with lid until it looks like there are little streamers in the oil, then pour in just enough popcorn kernels to cover the bottom of the pan one layer thick.  Put on lid, shake occasionally, wait until shaking the pan elicits no rattling, kernelly noises, then empty pan into bowl or bag depending on your level of badassery.  Sprinkle liberally with salt, put more oil in the pan, and do over until you have enough deliciousness for three days.  Or a movie.  Your call, really.

Bair Mahogany was so moved by my performance and madd skillz that he requested some popcorn to take home to his lovely wife.  I think he became my popcorn-apprentice.  Now all I need is some floss to get the husks out of my teeth. . .  ouch.