Remember those wristers I made a while ago?  The ones that made me go a little insane?  Ah, I have found a purpose for them!  This weekend there will be a birthday party for a friend of mine, and even though it is August I am going to give them to her!  To make them a little more special, I borrowed an idea from Katie and crocheted little flowers to stitch onto the wristers.  I even rummaged through all my old crafty stuff and found some beads which I hand-sewed onto the centers of the flowers to make them sparkly and special!  I took about ten minutes solid setting the flowers in different spots on the wristers trying to decide how to decorate them, and finally decided on this:

I think it’s quite fetching.  The flowers were rather fun to make, and I liked putting the beads in the middle because I like sparkly things.

note: I am not referencing certain vampires with the sparkly thing.


I tried to use beads that would pull colors from the yarn, so I went with blue and green.  pat me on the head and tell me I made something pretty.  I’m contemplating making a few more flowers and sewing them onto a ribbon or something to make a pretty headband.  DOES ANYONE WANT SOME CROCHETED FLOWERS I WILL MAKE YOU PRETTY FLOWERS?!