The other morning we were lying in bed dozing, at least I was dozing, at around 6am. We wake up for realsies around 7, for the record. The garbage truck was in the parking lot below us preparing to pick up the trash compactor and the recycling, and it was beeping as it backed into place. I identified the noise and tried to ignore it, la la la I’m sleeping and can’t hear you, truck! Nick leaped out of bed and toddled into the living room, then the kitchen, then the bathroom. I said, “honey, what are you doing?” He replied,”I’m trying to find the noise! Is it the alarm?” I reassured him that the alarm clock was still next to me, that it wasn’t going off, that he still had a good 40 minutes of sleep, and that the beeping was the garbage truck. Confused and sleepy, he eventually returned to bed. It was awesome.