Nick’s mother gave me an orchid that was part of the decor for our post-wedding party of funness and I’ve done my best to grant it a slow, lingering death here.  It’s been around for about two months, and for the first few weeks it lived on an end table, still in its enshrouding plastic.  After a while, I thought maybe it would be in good stead in our bedroom, contributing to the air turnover, providing more oxygen, and being pretty!  It did okay, but it still wasn’t getting any sun even though orchids like diffuse sunlight so now it lives behind my computer screen on my desk, between me and the window.  I think it’s getting enough sun, now, but I don’t know about enough/too much water.  I was told once that “orchids don’t like getting their feet wet”, that is to say that in nature they tend to perch on the sides of trees, reaching one or two roots down to a water source, but mostly just getting water from the excessively muggy air.  They’re tropical flowers.  I don’t have a way of making the air in my home muggy, and there’s no sunlight in the bathroom or I’d move it there.  Judging by the structure of the leaves, though, I think that water must condense on the leaves and run down the center to the base of the plant.  I don’t want this flower to die, and it really is a delicate flower.  I take it into the kitchen every other day and pass my fingers through the water running from the faucet, then I flick the water onto the flowers, the stalk, and all the leaves.  Then I wet my fingers again, and carefully drip water in the center of each of the leaves, one after another.  If this thing dies, it will not be because I did not do ridiculous things trying to preserve it.

**Update**  I didn’t get a spray bottle at the store today, but I did look at their orchid display, and the little tag on the orchid suggested three cubes of ice once a week.  What about that?