These last couple of days have found me very unmotivated to go do my morning workout.  Once there, I don’t want to push myself jogging farther, to build my endurance.  I just don’t wanna.  My ability to jog two consecutive laps has dwindled, but I’m taking shorter walking breaks so maybe it’s okay?  I think maybe the reason I’m reluctant to go in the mornings cos that I got busted earlier this week.  Tuesday, I think.  Even if this isn’t why I’m being sluggish, it’d still be a good reason.  Just sayin’.  At the school that has the track on which I run daily, there has been a summer science school.  The summer science school has a early dropoff option, with supervised playing on the playground.  The Morning Of Doom, about 3 kids were dropped off.  I did my laps, did my lunges, and watched a brother and sister set kicking a ball back and forth and just being gleeful chillens.  I moved on to doing my pushups, and the girl (the older of the two) asked what I was doing.  I told her.  Oh, I should tell you that my pushup place is on the painted outline of the United States, and I push up directly over Montana.  She quizzed her brother on what state they lived in, told me about her cousins, we talked about the ocean and how some people have never seen it.  About then, the supervising girl who was probably . . .19?  But could have been the same age as me, called the kids’ names.  I said bye to the kids and they ran off to play, finished up, and walked off.  Like I do every morning and that same girl has seen me do.  As I passed her little table, she said, “Sorry!  I’m not allowed to let them talk to strangers.”  I assured her it was no big deal, that I figured that was the issue, and went on with my morning.

I don’t like leaving our apartment earlier than about 8:30, and I think it’s because I don’t want another encounter like that or even to freak out the summer science school employees.  I swear I’m not a lurker, I’m not a creeper, I have many young cousins whose parents can attest to my non-creepiness!  I’ve babysat and nannied and all those parents can swear, too!  Take my fingerprints, check my record.  I don’t have one, that’s how non-creeper I am.  Really, just the possibility of people being afraid of me around their children, even with just a cursory interaction of, “what are you doing?”  “Pushups.” freaks me out.  I’m nice!  Don’t look at me funny, don’t think suspicious thoughts!  Please, I’ll go away and sacrifice my muscle strength and cardiopulmonary endurance so you don’t have to be afraid!  I would never harm children, do I even look like a person that would?  I ignored the kids, or watched them goof off and smiled, and then ignored them, all while doing the exact same thing every morning. I did the same routine whether or not there were kids.  The supervisor girl saw me, or would have if she ever looked up from her notebook.

And that is why I have wanted baked goods and not exercise all week.  Plus, until that happened, I was sore in the mornings.  So there.