I don’t mean to alarm you all, but I think I may have a problem.  You see, I discovered a new crochet recipe that allows me to make a pretty, floral lace headband in about an hour.  I’ve made four since yesterday.  Well, the fourth is still in progress, but you get the picture.  Picture!  Okay, here we go!

the one that started it all.

This light purple one is destined for my friend Bets, who lives in California.  I think I’ll wear it till I ship it, though.  The second headband is currently living with GingerNinja, its new mommy, cos she and her husband came over last night and I made her one.  While she was here.  It is dark purple and many kinds of awesome!

I swear I need to make this many.

See my lovely carpet?  Anyway, this one is destined for a coworker who loves pink.  She also loves Hello, Kitty! but I do not have any control over that brand so I got nuthin.  Band #4 is for my mother, who called when I was doing nothing else, and she requested a white and pink one.  Okay!  I’ll update with a picture of that one once it’s complete.  This is way too much fun.  Katie, I don’t remember the url for the pattern but if you want to hang out sometime I can show you.  In an hour or less!