Tonight, after shopping for underoos and potholders at Target and completely forgetting the wax paper our kitchen is sorely lacking, Nick and I went to happy hour at Gustav’s, a lovely German-themed restaurant.  We were going to meet a large group, we thought.  However, the guy from the couple that was inviting people was suddenly struck down by pain in some part, so his compatriot was scrambling for painkillers.  It ended up just being the two of us and my newest friend, Three.  I wasn’t sure if the two boys would get along, so I made them sit next to each other.  Shortly thereafter there were three separate times that I was geeked out of the conversation.  Yay!  My fears were unfounded!  Except. . . oh no.  I was not getting any attention.  The delicious fondue and Three’s chicken schnitzel could only keep me occupied for so long.  Pay attention to me!  I had to resort to laughing every time one of their words could be taken as a double entendre, and when two guys start having an epic geek battle and talking with specific game , program, and coding names, entendres are few and far between.  Le sigh.  At least they had a good evening.