You all know of my deep affection for music videos.  I have not yet informed you all of how I feel abut Megan Fox, largely because I don’t think it’s an important topic, unlike what I cook for dinner or when I go to the library.  I have my priorities straight, here.  Anyway, I don’t think she can act.  Woo!  That was intense.  This morning I was dawdling around Youtube and saw a new music video up for a song that I like but kinda don’t like. . . it’s by Eminem and Rihanna, neither of whom I’m fond.  However, I enjoy the song and Megan Fox is in the music video and oddly enough, it looks as though she’s acting!  Maybe it’s because we can’t hear her. . . that might be the trick.

In other news, I waited till a bit later this morning to go workout, but I thought I’d be in the clear because the Summer Science School sign has not been in front of the school for a few days now.  I was wrong.  Something else is going on now, and some adults let a mob of kiddos out when I was working on lap 4.  That meant I had to do a lap 5, to avoid interaction with the kids, just in case the Summer Science School people warned the normal school people about me, the Jogging Creeper.  If I were to become a supervillain, that would be my name.  Luckily for me, the kids were herded inside after an acceptable amount of time and I was allowed to continue on my way, talking myself into lunges and pushups and situps, out loud.  I talked to myself, and not an internal dialogue, either.  People could have heard, if they hadn’t hustled children indoors and away from me so quickly.  I don’t have the luxury that my author friend does; I don’t have anyone living in my head except me.  I have to cover both sides of the conversation, and if it’s an argument I have to lose, one way or the other.  wah.