Today I did a photo shoot with my daughter.  I’m nowhere near a professional photographer; I’m barely an amateur.  I’ve had my shiny camera since last Christmas, and only just today read the manual, if that helps illuminate my plight.  However, I had a hankering to photograph my dear cousin whose wedding was just about a year ago, so I needed to do a trial run on the locations I thought would work.  I have a sari hanging in my closet and stick-on rhinestones in my bathroom, so Daughter and I schmeared on the eyeliner, twirled her into the silk, and pranced off to the . . . .elementary school across the street.  Yup, first I’m harassing the kids, now I’m taking pictures of the structure that houses them.  I’m the Photographing Jogging Creeper.  But as we went about our fun business, no one came flying out and shouting.  No one demanded my film (sucker it’s digital!), and only one person even spoke to us.  He was a larger gentleman of the late 30’s/early 40’s persuasion, and speaking of persuasion – he busted out his recorder (the little flute thingy) and asked if Daughter was going to dance.  I let him know she had walking difficulties, so dancing was not an option.  He laughed with us.  Anyway, here are some of the photos with nothing done because I don’t have Photoshop.  I should probably get something like that before I shoot my cousin.  hmmm.

this is thirty steps outside my front door.

Pretty, no? The bench is all mosaic'd with colorful bits.

oooo industrial and stuff.

Oooo even more industrial but Nature is triumphing!

Okay I’m done.  Please tell me if you like them at all!  I took 125, so if you don’t tell me I’ll just keep posting more and more, even the odd blinking ones.