I don’t even know what I was going to write about because I saw I had a spam comment and went to read it.  And the address it had had three recognizable words in it: Insurance, Poop, Accident.  Insurance poop accident.  What?  I can’t get over it.  Oh, I get as excited over spam comments as I do over real comments.  I think this is because sometimes friends’ comments get filtered out and called spam, so I have a decent chance of getting an extra real comment when there’s something in the spam queue.  And comments are exciting!  Someone read what I wrote!  And acknowledged it!

Okay.  I’m thinking of telling a story, but it’s kind of personal and might make readers blush, cringe, and otherwise send them to a therapist.  Also, it can be funny but mostly it’s just so I can make you all be horrified.  I’m debating with myself the ramifications of recounting the grisly tale, because it’s not one I can tell in euphemisms or metaphors because it’d be even worse in metaphor-form.