I don’t know what to rant about.  I feel that I’d like to rant, but all the topics in my mind right now are either too personal for the open internet, or too whiny and that’s nauseating, or I’ve already talked about them.

Things I want to talk about but won’t:

– My weight

– The fit of my jeans

– My propensity to eat cookies when I’m not happy about how I look

– The sweater recipe I found

– What kind of yarn I ought to buy to make that sweater

– Knitting a pouch thingy for my ipod for exercise purposes

– A new jogging route instead of the school so I don’t get detained and questioned for wanting to exercise near chillens

– A pulled muscle in my right quad that I took a week off to allow for recovery

– A pulled muscle in my left hamstring when I took a week off to let my  quad recover

– The pictures I took of my cousin this week

– The editing of those pictures that I should be undertaking right now