We visited a sports club with our friend that is employed there, today.  We got a grand tour and I mentally corrected some of the muscle/equipment info that the tour fellow said.  It was only a couple of things, and they were minor mispronunciations or honest mistakes.  After this lovely tour, we changed into our swimsuits, girls to the right, boys to the left, and reconvened at the indoor lap pool.  There was much swimming.  Then we went outside and lazed in the sun.  Then we went in the hot tub.  Then Nikolai got kinda pale.  Then we jumped into the pool next to the hot tub.  Nikolai stuck his feet in.   Nikolai started to list to one side.  Nikolai started to gag.  Nikolai was told, “if you’re going to puke, you’re going to puke in the bushes, not the pool.”  Nikolai puked into the bushes.  Nikolai almost blacked out.  The nice, young, unsure lifeguard came over to offer help.  Thanks, lifeguard!  Lifeguard got help.  Help had a walkie talkie.  The walkie talkie brought more help, with a chair.  And more help, with a clipboard and questions.  Nikolai was grateful, after puking again and almost blacking out again.  Nikolai sat down.  I realized it had been almost three hours since he had eaten, and in those hours he had been in heavily chlorinated water, with fumes in the air (he is quite sensitive to chlorine) and then in hot water (he is quite sensitive to extremes of temperature), also with fumes.  So lady that was super-helpful but said it might be the flu, thanks but no thanks.  It was your pool.  And his own bad habits.  And me not correcting his bad habits because he doesn’t recognize and correct them himself, yet.