I suggested going out to sushi this afternoon and Nikolai was totally up for it!  This is a big deal because all through our entire 1y 10m dating life I suggested going out to sushi but he said no on the grounds that there was this one place downtown that was . . . I don’t know, magical?  So that outing had been put off for that entire time.  After five months of marriage, I suggested it again and he finally caved, probably because he was hungry and the sushi place runs ridiculously good deals – max price of $1.50 per plate.  They run on a little conveyor belt thinger, and I pretty much love it.  We went, he ate some, and developed preferences.  Well, today we went again!  He even ate actual rolls, not just tempura!  Granted, none of those rolls involved raw meat, but I’m just glad he’ll go to sushi with me.  He can learn the delicate flavors of salmon and tuna later.  Right now, he likes California rolls, Philadelphia rolls, tempura, and Vegas rolls.  He even likes wasabi and ginger, and that is just enough for me.