I accompanied a friend to get her first tattoo today.  Actually, just now.  It was a small Chinese figure meaning water and that makes sense:  she’s 1/4 Chinese, and she loves water!  Anyway, I was her hand-holder and I enjoyed it very much.  So much that, even though I enjoyed hanging around after, I left earlier than I thought I might so I didn’t get a piercing or tattoo.  I want another of both, but 1- I promised aunt Dawna she could come with when I get my nose pierced and 2 – we haven’t budgeted for either expenditure and we’re going camping next week so we’re watching what we spend.  Besides, my design for my next tattoo is nowhere near complete, so doing anything now would be impossible.

Hey we’re going camping in a week!  I haven’t gone camping in years, but I think Nick was along on that trip, too.  It was a group of us kids that set out after church group one Friday night.  We had tons of fun, and I made breakfast for the group with nothing but one skillet, plastic forks, and styrofoam cups.  Woo!  I was(and am) really proud of being able to do that.