We’re going camping tomorrow!  We’re going to the coast with a few good friends and there will be much rejoicing in the land.  I’m leaving my sister my key. . . she’ll sit on my uncomfortable couch and eat all the cookies.  It’s the right thing to do in that situation.  I found a great recipe for a pretty headband/earwarmer thing and I made it for my undoubtedly greasy hair on the trip because I’m hardcore like that: I don’t shower on camping trips.  Well, I don’t shower during trips that last fewer than 5 days.  After that, the ew factor really kicks in and I at least need to find an ice-cold spigot and a washcloth and somewhere to drop off my dignity before bathing myself in shivering, partly-clothed pieces.

Anyway, back to my headband thing – I decorated it with a flower I made based off of Jilted Ballerina’s recipe for flower fridgies.  I added another row of double crochets to make one flower bigger, then I made another, original flower fridgie to stick in the middle of the bigger one.  Nick turned away from his game wherein he was totally kicking butt and exclaimed, he really did exclaim and Nick doesn’t really exclaim about stuff I’ve made unless it’s cookies or bacon but he did exclaim that it looked awesome.  so I made him try it on and he was just lovely.  I tried not to laugh.  Happy camping to us!