I walked to the library, yet again, because I wanted to avoid the dishes in my sink and to return the books that were due. .  today.  I do go to the library a lot, because it gets me out of the house on all the other days of the week, it has books, and I don’t spend money.  Yay!  After fussing that a newly favorite author had not in fact written a follow-up to the book I read and loved, the book that ended in such a way that it almost audibly screamed, “THERE IS MORE TO COOOOOME!”, I walked home.  Striking news, I know.  However on that walk, the muggy grey clouds got just a touch more . . . grey.  Then the mugginess of them coalesced into great fat raindrops that splatted merrily on my arms and head, running down my face like improperly placed tears.  I smiled and laughed, rejoicing in the mild cooling effect as I walked into the lee of nearby trees.  Then, I smelled it.  That perfect, hot pavement-wet pavement aroma, it smells like relief and happiness.  Or at least it made me happy.  And that is why I am glad it rained today.