Like when I make pretty things that are girly, that is okay to me.  Pretty things like headband that I found the recipe for online make me happy to be girly.  My first headband attempt was just before going camping, and man that thing came in handy!  It got admired in the bathroom a lot, because I’d use it to hold my bangs back so they didn’t get exfoliated along with my face.  I had a few minor issues with it, so the second one I made today looks much more accomplished and complete.

see the pretty flower? I made that, too.

Here’s my camping headband, and it looked just lovely on Nick!  I’d take a picture of him like I promised, but he’s playing a game right now therefore Id’ have to hit him from across the room with my wireless mouse to get his attention, and then he’d be cranky from the hit and wouldn’t want to be a model anyway.   It kept my ears so warm on our morning hike o’ doom. . . .

The second headband I completed this morning, after starting it. . . this morning.  It’s not as long, so instead of a button and hole closure I just gave it some braided ties so the owner can adjust it at will.  This one is a gift for my mommy, for today is her birthday.  She’s 29, isn’t that great?  Happy birthday mommy!

gah it's perfect! Mom has a small head.

I made up that flower.  I didn’t know of any that I wanted to use, so I just goofed around until something worked.  After that, I used The Jilted Ballerina’s recipe for easy leaves to make two for the rose, and just pulled the tails through the underside of the flower and tied them on.  The most awesome part?


It’s detachable!  I sewed the whole business onto a safety pin so mom can have the plain band, or the decoration!  AAHHHHHH THE AWESOMENESS IT BUUUURNS

** end scene**