It’s amazing to me what a little bit of positive (or negative) thinking can do.  I’ve gained some weight after my wedding, and of course I know it.  Things fit differently, and I’ve entirely stopped exercising weekly.  I now exercise at random, at will.  It’s not as good a system.  However, I’ve been very good at being comfortable in my own skin and not condemning myself for imperfections.  Despite a few times here and there of self-hatred and other such dramatic emotions, I’ve kept my chin up.

A lot of that changed a day or two ago.  I was flitting around the internet as  I do, going from link to link, until I settled on a string of fitness-related links and found one in Self magazine.  It was for calculating one’s Body Mass Index in a rudimentary way.  I was excited to give it a try, so I put my info in the fields – height and weight- and it made a quick calculation for me.  Then the little program told me I was overweight.  It told me I needed to remove about 15 pounds to be in the proper range for my height as a female, and I could dispose of as many as 50.  Thanks, computer program.  You’re a jerk and you’ve made me sad.  Now I have no motivation to exercise, none to eat properly, and all because a computer program told me I was fat.  I will be eating cookies, if you have need of me.

(Also I watched a BBC drama set in the 1800’s, so my speaking has taken a turn for . . .well, the worst)