As I’ve said, Nick’s been sick.

I’ve been sick, too, but that’s not the point just now.

The point is, a hot toddy (whiskey, hot water, honey, lemon) is a well-known treatment for a sore throat, congestion, and cough.  With that in mind, and the virgin version sprinkled liberally through my past, I suggested said treatment for poor Poopsiekins last night.  After about five days with a nagging, dry cough, I suggested (for the severalth time) that he try the toddy again, or the virgin toddy if he wasn’t in the mood for whiskey.  It was 2:30am, and he had just finished doing inventory of the WHOLE.  DANG.  STORE.  I’d be in the mood for whiskey about then, but he’s allowed to make his choices.  He listened to my suggestion, and I dozed back off to my own uncomfortable sleep secure that the honey would be soothing his throat and suppressing the cough, the steam from the hot water would be loosening his sinus congestion, and the lemon juice would provide acidic stripping of the throatular mucous as well as a dose of vitamin C.  I had done my loving duty and tended my husband, all with things we already had!  Hooray!

This morning he told me that the beverage made his cough worse.  The soothing, coating honey managed to inflame his cough somehow.  He defies the laws of nature and illness, people!  Also he got hardly any sleep as a side effect.  Yeah, that’s my bad.  Any home-cures?  Anyone?  HELP ME.