One more Nick-sick story and then I’ll quit.

I can’t promise that, why am I trying?

Just bear with me, it’s a good one.

Ahem.  Yesterday morning Nick decided to have cereal for breakfast – honey nut scooters!  Hooray for off-brands!  He poured milk, got a spoon, cuddled into his computer chair, and started to eat while I was in the other room washing my face and brushing my teeth, etc.  This is what happens next:

Nick: (from his chair)  Honeyyyyy?

Me: (from the bathroom) Yeah?

Nick: Is the milk bad?

Me: I don’t know; does it smell bad?

Nick: I don’t know; I can’t smell.  Will you smell it for me?

Me: (meeting him in the kitchen) Of course!  (smelling the cheerios)  Bwagh!  Yes, bad.  Bad rotten bad ew bad.  Don’t eat that.  Dump it out.

Nick:  I thought it tasted funny. . . .

(end scene)