October 2010

I think I take it back.  I don’t really want a new job that is a five minute drive away.  I don’t really want a full time job that pays well and will make a crazy difference in how Nikolai and I live our lives.  I don’t really want to get to work by 8am and behave myself and learn new things and make mistakes and disappoint people and wear grown up clothes instead of jeans or corduroy.


No, it’s not just that I’m scared of something new and changes and stuff.  I would never let fear rule me like that!  Don’t talk to any of my high school teachers, though.  They might try to tell you something just ridiculous about how I’m a perfectionist and can get totally frozen my panic that I won’t do a project just right.  They might even say that I prefer getting a bad grade because I didn’t do an assignment rather than do the assignment and not do it well.  But they’re high school teachers, and teenagers have melted their brains.  Their word can’t be trusted.


Tidbit 1 – I had a small but concentrated dose of SUGAR when I was out earlier this afternoon, and when I came home it was all raging through my system and whatnot.  After about three minutes I attempted to forcibly remove Nikolai’s head from his shoulders.  I thought about using a spoon.

Lesson 1 – don’t eat sugar.  It makes me crazy and mean.



Tidbit 2 – Amy, Katie and I started a blog for our communal nonsense.  Our alter-egos write there.  Wanna know what it’s called?  I know you do.  It’s called. . . .Corset Mafia.

Lesson 2 – if I try to contain my weirdness, it will just get friends and bust out in a different way.

I didn’t tell you guys till today, because I get paranoid and wanted to have things signed before I told you, but I got a newjob!  It’s full time, and that’s not something I’m used to.  It’s also a grown up job, so I can’t just stand around playing with my hair and makeup, or getting craaaazy tired and just giggling at nothing like a lunatic.  I will have to do real work.  I was informed of the position last Wednesday, I interviewed on Monday, drove home from that (it was about a 5 minute drive) and got through the door before being called and offered the position.  I even went along to a meeting today on a whim to kinda get the feel of things!  Oh man, I’m so grown up now.  I start for extra-serious next Monday.  In addition, I have to meet with some other company that works with this company in the employment region tomorrow, and then tomorrow night is dinner at my sister in-law and brother in-law’s, and then then is picture day on Friday and a Halloween party Friday night, work Saturday morning, and I think another Halloween party Saturday night.  Oh, and I have to get used to getting up at 6 a.m. and out the door by what, 7:50a.m. because newjob is only 5 minutes away instead of 35 on a good day.  Wooooo!

I love the weather as it’s  been in the Portland, OR area this week.  Sunshine for two seconds, then crazy wind whipping sudden raindrops everywhichway, and then moody gray clouds followed by sun again.  I love it because it so epitomizes Fall in the Northwest.  I love it because I, in all my mood-swingy glory, no longer have to bear the burden of being the most dramatic.  I can let my moods live vicariously through the weather changes, and continue on my own merry way with little to no drama of my own.

I was sitting in the morning darkness of our apartment today, morning darkness being before 8am, and I had a comforting thought.  If the electricity were to go out this winter, Nick and I would still be okay.  We have books and cards and board games, we have a pluthera of candles for light and some heat, and the thing that was worrying me the most?  We now have a barbecue that uses charcoal so we would not starve to death and would in fact be able to cook meals.  Because in my imagination, the reason the power went out was because of a severe snow and ice storm that kept us from even walking to his parent’s house.  Besides, their barbecue is propane anyway, so what good does that do?

I got up confused this morning, and then went back to bed, got up a second time, and then it stuck!  Nikolai went off to do . . . well, something, and I stayed home and read my book.  Then I decided to do something relatively useful and exercise.  I took a shower shortly thereafter, and let my hair air dry.  However, after about an hour of letting it air dry, I was feeling funny: I had a mild headache, was tired, confused, and otherwise unwell.  Therefore I did the only logical thing – I blow-dried my hair, and flatironed it.  And you know what?  It helped!  I don’t know why.

It may be cheating to just stick a video in here, but I have to say that I love this one.  I just watched it and choked up.



It’s a short story, so it’ll take about 15 minutes of your life.  However it’s totally worth the time.

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