a few weeks back my dad went camping with his dad, stepmother, and one stepbrother and his wife.  They went fishing in the waters off of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, and hit their limit of fish every day.  This led to Dad giving me a gallon freezer baggie full of sea bass fillets, which I stuck in my freezer until tonight.  I thawed it all out, trimmed it up, cut out the few rib bones, and made us some fish ‘n’ chips.  I didn’t want to deep-fry it, since that takes a lot of oil, so I put a little bit of oil in the electric skillet and fried them there.

Spots of hot hot burning hellfire oil flew out at several different junctures and freckled my left arm and left side of my face.  Clearly, the freckles already there weren’t doing a good enough job.

It’s tingly.