I woke up in a good mood, had tea, took my vitamin, exercised, and then my neighborfriend came over and we had more tea and watched a portion of Peter Pan.  She left at noon, and I was still in a good mood.  About five minutes ago (4:15pm) I realized I was feeling restless and cranky and just. . .in a bad mood.  I stopped to check on myself – was I hungry, lacking in blood sugar or protein?  No.  Was I thirsty? Well, sort of, but a water bottle was right next to me.  Did I need a nap?  No, I was feeling plenty energetic.  Nothing was wrong physically . . . but the music I’d been listening to had gone from Disney star singers to Seven Days Grace and Apocalyptica and Chevelle.  These are not similar sounds.  Not the most epically hardcore, but plenty moody enough for me.  I finally figured out the source of my malaise – the weather!  it was moody and windy this morning, but it recently changed to that grey, sullen, afternoon with attitude I recognize as Fall In Portland.  The darn weather made me cranky!  Well, I ought to say is making me cranky, because it’s still going on.  Grrawr.  (Amy, what is that in Dinosaur?)


There is a partial cure – I got new deodorant so every time I lift my arms I get a waft of lovely vanilla.