Well that worked out just fine, I guess.  Friends came over and I completely forgot about posting yesterday.


TODAY.  Today, I went on a hike.  A gal friend of mine invited me to go on a hike with her and company today, because it would be fun!  Also this is her day off.  I had a Terminator dream, woke up inexplicably angry at Nick, and was picked up at 8am.  Her favorite brother was already in the car.  45 minutes later we joined up with our last hiker (the guy who’d been there before) and off we went into the Columbia Gorge.  Near Bonneville Dam, we found our “recreation area” and got all set!  It was a chilly morning, so the long-sleeve shirt, short-sleeve, and fleece were accompanied by that awesome red headbandy thing I made for camping.  It kept my ears warm.  The hike was beautiful, but the trail was rocky so if we wanted to look around we had to come to a full stop.  Jennifer and I walked together, and the two menfolks kept walking way faster than us, trying to decide who was Alpha, so most of the time we couldn’t see or hear them.  The trail wound along next to a river, and it went up and up in accordance with the laws of Nature where water flows downhill.  There were several waterfalls, series of rapids, and much beauty.  There were also snack and water stops, so we weren’t dragging from exhaustion at any point.  I was, however, dragging from the large amounts of pain in my hips, front, side and back.  It kind of felt like there was a tendon grinding back and forth across the greater trochanter of my femurs.  Both my femurs.  And then the tendonous attachment for my quads on the front of my hip joint started feeling. . . overstretched, like a hot, angry rubber band.  We weren’t even at the top of our hike yet.  I had many ouches.  I groaned to myself every few steps so I would feel that my pain was being acknowledged, and that helped me keep going.  Less frequently than the groaning, I’d hold both hips like I was trying to keep the joint together with nothing but the power of my bare hands and walk like that for a bit.  The top of our climb was at Tunnel Falls, so named because there was a tunnel behind the falls.  Walking behind a waterfall in a tube of rock was amazing.  Then we walked back down!  Trail Guide Jason walked with me for the last half of the way down, and we had a long and lively conversation about dog breeds and either the awesomeness therein, or the awesome stupidity.  Said conversation helped me ignore the severe pain in my hips, and my feet that were starting to feel as if I’d walked all over those sharp-edged rocks barefoot.  We saw bajillions of salmon, Sockeye, Coho, Chinook, heading upriver to spawn.  (Did you guys know that a salmon’s lifetime ends with them rotting from the inside out?  Ew.)  They were beautiful, and I really wanted to catch one but come on self, they’re spawning.  They’re supposed to be safe from people at this stage!  Then we all talked about sushi.  It made me huuuungry!  Then we (Jennifer) drove everyone home and I got out of the car and literally hobbled up to the apartment, grunting, groaning, and talking to myself the whole way.

The original plan was to walk up to “high bridge”, which is 3.3 miles in.  We walked to Tunnel Falls, as previously stated, and I do believe it was another 3ish miles.  I hiked at least 12 miles today.  I am in ouch, and Trail Guide Jason can’t count.