• Realized that I eat horribly
  • Used that realization to motivate keeping a food journal
  • got to my friend’s house half an hour early for a girl party
  • Sat in the car, reading by streetlight until she got there
  • ate crackers with cheese and craisins
  • ate crackers with cheese and pickles
  • ate popcorn in exorbitant amounts
  • did not write any of that in the food journal because that starts today
  • watched most of Letters to Juliet
  • went outside because the building’s fire alarm went off
  • walked “around the block” which actually translated to about five blocks
  • went to Winco with the girls to use their bathroom
  • blew a dollar in quarters on the toy claw game
  • got a toy.  I call him demonbaby.

he has beans only in his bum, and a set of stitches on his tummy.

  • realized what time it was
  • freaked out
  • drove the other two home with me
  • got in trouble with my husband
  • got forgiven by my husband
  • still felt bad.