Actually, the instructions say addicted, but I don’t like to let myself get addicted.  Besides, we don’t get t.v. at all, we just watch series on Netflix.  My personal current favorite is Lie To Me, and it’s  about the adventures of this consulting firm that specializes in deception – they study psychology and body language, subconscious markers of emotion, to find out if a person is telling the truth.  They solve crimes, provide expert witness for criminal cases, interview supreme court nominees, and occasionally bust kids for having fake id’s.  I’ve been interested in body language and psychology both, and read up on them just a little.  I find myself wishing that this place really did exist so I could go work there and be an expert reader, and then figure out their brains.  I love that stuff.  Unfortunately, I don’t think any such firms exist as of yet because deception analysis is such an uncertain science.  After all, it’s dealing with people and their actions.  Rats.  Guess I’ll just have to keep my (brand new) day job.