I’m still doing this as a favor for a friend, and that is getting taxed right now because the topic for today is, “who is your celebrity crush?” I try not to foster emotional attachments to men other than my husband? Naw, that’s a little pretentious. Look, in my mind more starts aren’t real people. They’re an image, a daydream, a pretty picture. I don’t have any information about their personalities, idionsyncracies, habits, hobbies, quirks, or any of the other things that I use to decide I like someone, like like like them.  But you know who’s pretty?



Lots of people.



That’s right, lots of them.



I hope I don’t have soft spots for typical movie stars, but the atypical ones can be. . . .bothersome.  So for all that, you still don’t get to know who I like.