I think I might need a new phone.  I like my phone a lot, and it has been very good to me, and I don’t think it’s even a year old(!), but it’s having some issues.  I have dropped it about a jillion times, whereupon it has asploded into many much pieces.  Well, the back and the battery fly in different directions and the main body just sits there, all sad and dejected, the light on its screen ominously dark (because the battery is gone, duh).  It has some body damage, but I’m not too vain about that.  The biggest issue is that the keypad can no longer keep up with my texting speed, so I end up with weird letter combinations and have to back all the way up and fix them.  Also, when I try to call someone I have to push the call button at least twice, because the first time doesn’t seem to register.

I’m not a technophile, and I don’t want a fancy-dancy phone that gets online for me and feeds me dinner and writes me songs and coordinates my outfits, I just want a phone that takes lamesauce pictures, makes calls, and texts.  I’m one of those jerks who’s all proud about not caring about the iPhone or droid technology or blackberries or whatever.  I’m all retro and throwbacky.  Do any of you know of any good phones that fit the bill?  I like ’em small enough to fit my pockets.