I realized this morning that my mood can be accurately judged by what lipstick I put on. As far as makeup goes, eyeshadow used to be my drug of choice. Not to say I’d snort it or something, no one needs sparkly sinuses and I would think that would burn. I just loved the variety of colors I could use, the methods of mixing and matching, the blending, swooping, and how I could display my attitude or mood with them. Feeling pretty and girly? I would wear pinks and purples, with thin liner and LOTS of mascara. Feeling grumpy and a danger to everyone around me? I would wear matte beiges and blacks with smudgy liner and not curl my lashes. Anyone who paid attention would have a reliable way to notice if I was safe to be around. Of course, I highly doubt anyone did, since really it’s not like I’m super dee duper important or anything. But if I were, I would be discernible. Now, however, my personal expression is mostly um. . expressed. . .by which of my 3 lipstick colors I wear. I have a pink, a deep reddish, and a bright reddish. If I’m feeling cheerful or like I am going to be cheerful yes I am rightnow I decide it, I wear the pink. If I’m feeling saucy or sassy, out comes the bright. I haven’t wanted to wear the darker red for a while, but suddenly this morning I saw this (relatively) dark color and decided (with my constant inner commentary because come on, it’s not like anyone else is going to listen to me yammer about lipstick colors) (except you! HAHA!) that I was going to wear that dark color, dammit. And woe betide the first person to question my facepaint decision! Because that would ever happen.