I was driving home tonight from spending time with a friend.  The temperature, according to the signboard for Mattress World, was 27 degrees Fahrenheit.  I was driving along down a highway in a decently strong wind, feeling a little jumpy because the car felt skitterish, when I noticed flashing lights ahead of me.  It’s been slowly drying off around here, probably preceding a bout of cold precipitation, but patches of the road looked wet, still.  I worried as I drove over these spots that they were icy and therefore dangerous.

The flashing lights I saw were none other than those of the majestic de-icer truck, as it trundled along at about 35 mph spewing de-icing liquid in orderly lines on the fast lane.  There was a backlog of cars in the right lane, slowly creeping past the de-icer.  After a bit of nervy work getting to the right lane, it came my turn to be abreast of the behemoth of winter roads.  There, prominently posted between the flashing amber lights, was a sign:  Do Not Pass While De-Icing.  I slowed down to keep pace.  The sign was very clear.  The truck was busily streaming de-icer on the road, therefore I ought not to pass.  Also the road still felt a little slick and that made me uncomfortable with a more typical speed.

The vehicles behind promptly lost their shet.  I discerned at least 4 separate honk-tones, as everyone behind me began yelling in the only voice they had outside their cars and trucks.  I yelled back, but with my real voice, and from inside my car.  I took the next exit, and watched as those fiends, those brigands, flouted the VERY VERY OBVIOUS SIGN and passed the de-icer while it was de-icing. Ah, well.  There goes my faith in humanity.