My phone has been getting worse, I think.  When I answer calls or make them, a good portion have been all robot-voicey and stuff.  Even though I have good reception and the other person has been likewise in a good spot, the connection is bad somehow.

I don’t think I’ll be able to replace it very soon though, because. . . . .

We went furniture shopping!  We succeeded, too.  Our loveseat that only seats two adults sitting straight up, that was free, that is covered in fabric that reminds me of my aunt and uncle’s house from the nineties, that has what seems to be either silly putty or gum ground into one cushion, has brought us to the breaking point.  We no like no more.  We originally went in search of a coffee table to make our couch more survivable.  Then, once we went out shopping, we couldn’t find a coffee table for which we were willing to spend money.  Then we smelled the leather couches.  We found a place nearby with quality products that was running a 30% off sale.  We looked at every couch in the place.  We sat on the ones we liked, we tested out flopping on them sideways, we tested out their snugglability, and their spooning conductivity.  We bought an entertainment center that was partly on clearance, went home and slept on the couch idea.  Today we woke up and decided to go back to the store to visit the top 2 contenders and see which one we loved more.  The price was maybe $50 difference between the two, so that wasn’t much of a decider.  We even brought a third opinion, our dear friend Gingy.  He proclaimed couch #1 to be sexy.  Couch #2 was butt-eating.  As in, the couch was so deep that when you sat in the corner your tush was consumed.  I compared the color option for couch #2 to the other piece we’d already bought, and it . . . ew.  So after trying out a good 3 other couches that were not even contenders yesterday, we decided on couch #1.

Let that be a lesson to you:  sexiness wins.


Also we have a possible 6 month wait.  But IIII want my sexy couch nooooowwww!