Tuesday was the last day of Safeway’s bi-annual sale of meat.  MEEEEEEEAAAAAAT.  I don’t think any readers are vegetarians. . . sorry if my lifestyle upsets you, but you need to accept that I’m different, and different doesn’t mean bad or wrong.

We got some good roasts that I intended to cut into smaller pieces because Nikolai told me he didn’t like roasts.  However, now today (being a new day), he found a roast recipe.  Not a roast recipe he wanted to follow, a roast recipe that inspired him.  So he rummaged through our fridge and cupboards searching for ingredients.  He cross-checked the ingredients with me and then decided he needed to jog to the store and acquire vegetables for the roast.  He asked me what I wanted.  I said, potatoes, celery, carrots, and sweet onions.  He disagreed with the carrots, as he detests the flavor and texture of cooked carrots.  As he walked out the door, he said,”Sweet onions?”

I said, “Sweet onions!”

“Sweet onions?!”

“Sweet onions!”

“Sweet onions. . .”

“Yes babe, sweet onions.”


He came home with sweet potatoes, and he swears to me that I said that, and not sweet onions.  And the sad part is that I had a beer (one, people, ONE), but that totally undermines my credibility.


So now we’re having tricky and creative roast.  I’m excited.  Because there is also bacon.  And nothing can go too wrong when there is also bacon.