It might  be a little ridiculous to write about the weather, but honestly, today has been a perfect day.  The sun has come up and I’ve been able to see that happen!  With the colors and stuff!  It’s been about 15 or 20 degrees above freezing as a high over here, which is also very nice.  I love the juxtaposition (difficult letter score, triple letter score) of the cold air and the warm sun.  Of course, not taking into account the frost on the car means that I had to drive with the windows down so I could see, but hey.  The sun was out.
I safely got to work and Coworker stopped in to say hi and good morning. . . and to ask me to emergencystitch her britches.  She’s doing a special diety thing and has lost weight, and the new pants were big to begin with, but now the sagging was reaching dangerous levels.  I had her come in and close and lock the door, busted out her twee sewing kit she left in this desk when she shifted offices, and then fought with the needle dispenser for a few minutes.  So she left.  Then she came back, and THEN I had her drop trou just a tich so I could emergencystitch the back bum seam.  I cannot count how many times I said, “sorry for the hand in your crack!” or how many times she said, “sorry for the bright pink underwear!”, but eventually her pants fit well enough for the day.  I felt sufficiently awesome.