This morning I decided to go on my typical Sunday morning kitchen cleaning rampage.  Everything got tidied up, the sink got scrubbed, the stove got wiped down, and then I made pancakes.  Well, I made pancakes with no eggs, so they were. . . dense.  However they had bacon bits (real bacon I had cooked and crumbled) in them so that was delicious.

Then, for about an hour, Nick would say, “Honey do you want to go to the gym?”


“Yeah, I guess – – in a minute.”

Ten minutes go by.

“Hey babe let’s go to the gym.  You said you wanted to go, yesterday.”

Another ten minutes pass.

“Yeah, no, we will go.  Just give me a bit.  I’m still full, and I’m doing a thing.”

Twenty minutes slide into history.

“Honey?  Seriously, are we going to the gym today?”

Full whine mode: engage.

“I dunnoooooo.  I’m kinda tiiiiiiirrreeeeed and it’s far awayyyyyy and I’d have to change my cloooooothes.”


So we took a short nap, and then we went to the gym.  But hey, I worked out.  And so did Nick!  After we took a nap though.  Gotta get priorities straight.