For the first time in my adult life, I have a job with benefits that include medical and dental insurance.  This is a big deal, because for a portion of my young life I didn’t have those, either.  As such, my wisdom teeth haven’t ever been pulled, and they need to be.  Well, one does.  The one that is in at a bizarre diagonal to its abutting tooth, and is scrunching the teeth in front of that and making my mouth all cattywompus.  While I really want my teeth fixed and healthy and stuff, I am afraid of the cost, afraid of the process, and afraid that they’ll find a bunch of cavities or a root canal I need done.  Also I’m afraid it’ll hurt.

Nikolai has hereditarily bad teeth, and he hasn’t gone to a dentist since he was covered by his parents’ insurance.  So he’s concerned, too, and I’m concerned because of stories like this.  However, I’m inspired by that story as well to use the coverage we have to get ourselves in order.

Nick called and set his first appointment today.  He instant messaged me right after, panicking.  Because in his mind, as soon as they x-ray him, they’ll tell him that there’s nothing they can do and he better call and tell me goodbye because he’ll be dying in the next ten minutes.

So there’s that.