Seriously, this post wouldn’t exist without Nikolai begging me to blog about it. . . even though it’s kind of embarrassing.  Here we go.

**Warning:  This post contains a story of an embarrassing and objectionable nature.  Read at your own risk**

Earlier this evening, after a delicious dinner of Mexican food and an arbitrary short nap, I scrolled through the Netflix playlists available to us and selected Destry Rides Again, a marvelous black and white starring Marlene Dietrich and Jimmy Stewart.

I found it interesting that we all know Jimmy Stewart as  Jimmy Stewart, but he’s billed as James Stewart in the credits.  Anyway, back to my story.

Movie ends with me tearing up because what else do I do at movies, lying on the couch with Nick on the floor below.  We’re holding hands cos I was crying, and then he tugs my hand and rolls so I am pulled off the couch and across his stomach and he starts tickling me.  Knowing where I’m ticklish, he launches himself for my feet but I manage to keep them out of his grasp.  Second best – inner thighs.  *cough cough* You know, that whole. . . region.  So I’m shrieking and flailing because dang it a lady is ticklish in some areas,  and I try to say, “No that’s bad stop tickling my vagina.”  I’m sorry it’s true to the story and I never thought I’d blog it.  However what I managed to say, over and over, was, “bad vagina bad vagina.”  Luckily, this incapacitates him with laughter but only for a few seconds.  So the whole unpleasant cycle continues – he attacks, I whine, “noooooo bad vagina bad vagina noooo bad vagina!”  he laughs and can’t move, I try to get away.

Eventually he stopped with the tickle attacks and said, “please blog this.”

“Honey, I can’t blog about this!  My aunt reads this! She would die . . . . of laughing okay I’ll blog it.  But I’m telling everyone it was your idea.”