Do you ever have just one of those days? One of those days where you’re supposed to have your very first 90-day review? But it’s not on the schedule and you don’t want to bring it up? And you think you might have downloaded a virus to your networked company computer where you deal with financial somethings? Not from visiting a dangerous website, no no. From visiting a decently famous blog site that I won’t even link here even though I love it because I don’t know if that whole “infected site” thing is cleared up yet. And you get a decent headache from high blood pressure because all you can think is:

1. I infected my computer

2. My computer has personal client information

3. My computer is networked with all these others

4. All these others have even more personal client information

5. My Review was supposed to be today

6. I’ve disappointed and possibly enraged our IT guy who is just a tich deaf so he speaks loud anyway

7. I’ve gotten caught going to non-work websites (it’s amalah, people. it’s not prono)

8. I’m totally going to get fired and our new couch will never come

9. Everything is my fault and I’m bad and they’re going to be angry at and disappointed with me (The universal, ambiguous THEY)

And after that, once your scalp stops tingling from the blood pressure spike, you get home? And all you want is a good beer (personal preference allowed), mac and cheese, bacon, potatoes, and ice cream?

shut up, it’s none of your business if I’m on my period.