I like alcohol.  I hasten to say I do not like it at all times, I do not like it to the point of danger, but I like it.  there’s something nice about it.  As such, I read this post by Maggie over at Mighty Girl and found it delightful.  She inspired me to try grown up drinks, and to drink them slowly and savor them instead of bolting them down and attempting to survive them.  I’ve been a fan of whiskey since I tried Pendleton whiskey (except they spell it whisky, like a horse’s tail or something) and found it eminently sippable.  I like to pour about ten drops in a glass and swirl them till 3 have evaporated.  It smells like maple syrup that will kick you in the face.  It burns like a snuggle from the Devil.  It’s as smooth as a puppy’s ears.  Also it will make you feel like cuddling, so probably you should try those ten drops at home.

ANYWAY I saw this site and realized that I had lesser quality whiskey around, and simple syrup, and then eventually I managed to purchase some dang bitters.  I made myself a whiskey old-fashioned, and if you make it without ice, just sitting and swirling swirling swirling till the syrup melts in it’s just . . . mmmmm.  Take it one sip at a time.  Small sips, too.  Just like with wine, grown up drinks have to be learned.  One must search for the flavors, the nuances, something beyond the burn of the raw spirits in one’s glass.  I like alcohol.