I may be easily influenced.  The reason I say this is that I just read a blog in which the author decides to let the colored ends of her hair grow out and be trimmed off, and then just live with her natural color.  The issue she had in the past was – her natural color involved grey.  And that was tragic, as is the case with humans in the world because growing older means. . . something dreadful.  After seeing her pictures I was inspired.  Because hey, I have a natural hair color!  It even does neat things in the sun in the summer and blondes out in smallish bits!  Okay, it’s nothing special, just brown, and okay it doesn’t match my skin tone somehow, at least not as good as dark brown or auburn have, but it’s mine and it grows out of my head.

Anyway, I thought what a good idea it would be for me to do like her – let the roots get nasty and grown out, then cut the colored bits off!  Sure, Nick might have longer hair than me for a while, sure the last time I had a pixie cut I looked a little gender-ambiguous (that or those 8th grade girls thought it would be fun to hurt the feelers of a wee little 6th grade home school student), sure I don’t particularly like any of the stages in between short hair and long hair, sure I’d have to get special makeup to cover my neck tattoo so as to not upset my boss or other conservative clients or peoples, SURE I’D BE FREEZING COLD ALL THE TIME.  But I can’t shake the thought that it’s a great idea.