As stated, yesterday we went to the gym for the first time in at least a week and a half.  Not that I’ve been inactive, but I haven’t been doing any cardio.  Hmmm this story starts earlier than last night. . . okay here we go.
Yesterday right after lunch I decided to use the massage gift certificate I had received for Christmas.  It was fantastic – she did some deep tissue work on me which pretty much made me feel like I’d been bruised.  Don’t worry, I asked for that much pressure.  I needed it, too.  Anyway, in massage school when we were learning deep tissue techniques, we were taught that one of the side effects of deep tissue on someone who hasn’t had massage regularly will often be flu-like symptoms.  Sure enough, an hour later I was feeling a mite feverish, definitely nauseated, and a bit dizzy.  Yet I knew that the thing I needed most was a good workout, so the toxins and muscle by-products and other body nasties could be expunged.  It took me asking Nick to go with me, then explaining that I needed him to help persuade me to go because I really needed to go for my own health but I really didn’t want to go, least of all alone.  He finally understood and off we went.  I stair stepped myself into a lather, (level 1 for 30 minutes) we stretched out, and then headed home.  On the drive home I spent a good portion of all ten minutes whimpering about how I was So Tired, and Nick pitied me.  He started the shower for me when we got home.  After I finished showering I called him in so i dind’t have to turn the water off, and then while he showered I jsut stood there in the tub, staring blankly.  He asked me a few times if I was all right.  Yeah babe, I’m fine.
We got out, dried off, and he went to put on his jammies while I did more blank staring wearing nothing but water droplets and a haphazardly draped towel.  He came back in and said, “are you okay?’
Yes!  I’m fine.
“No you’re not!  You’re not feeling anything!”
I’m feeling tired.  Does that count?
“You’re freaking me out because you’re not emotional at all and I can’t read you!”
I’m feeling tired, Nick.  I don’t have any emotions right now!
“Well it’s upsetting me!”
So you’re uncomfortable because I’m not flailing about crazily?
” . . .. yes.”
Sorry. .  .?
— Moral of the story:  If you are the sensitive, emotional type, your spouse may lose their levelheadedness if you become tired enough to not display any emotion.  To forestall this, be melodramatic at all times.  It will soothe your spouse.