I would like to report that I had a good Monday yesterday.  This is noteworthy because the three weeks previous were all ghastly.  Three weeks ago Monday, I came in to work to a damning email thread that made me feel bad and scalp-prickly.  That was eventually adjusted and made better.  The next week, I came in to another email about an object sent through the USPS that ended up getting torn out of its protective envelope and lost.  It was client information, too.  And all the post office could tell me was, I don’t know.  Apparently they have a lost and found, but there’s no way to track where the envelope went (from my office to another town less than 30 miles away) or what machine mutilated it.  So that was me making a dumb choice.  Oops!  Last week was fine until the end of the day when a renter for my boss’ rental property a state away called and asked where the keys were.  Yeah, I didn’t have any paperwork about them and didn’t ship the information they needed.  I ran around like crazy, trying to find a way to get them a set of keys so they could, I don’t know, go inside and have somewhere to sleep?  It took about thirty phone calls, 3 bajillion profanities, 2 panic attacks/nervous breakdowns, and 1 actually helpful person to fix the situation.  I was on the phone figuring things out until about 8pm.

Yesterday, I came into work.  I worked.  I had energy for the first day since the time change.  I kept working.  I got stuff done.  I looked up and suddenly it was 4:20pm.  I kept working, and eventually Nick came to pick me up.  Nothing exploded, no one blamed me for anything, and I didn’t feel like crying while I felt my blood pressure spike.  I never realized I could actually identify that particular phenomenon, but when your head suddenly feels very large and full, and your eyes feel tight, and your hearing starts to tunnel, and your scalp prickles, I feel safe saying that’s your blood pressure hiking right up.

Yesterday was a good day, though.