No really, I gave up starchy carbs.  I did it a week ago, and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.  See, I love breads, cereals, rice, noodles, and root vegetables (POTATOES).  I love them more than any other food.  However, they do not love me back in a healthy way.  They love me back by providing me with 30 pounds of extra body that I had carefully removed over the course of a year and a half.  Apparently, when you exercise for thirty minutes everyday and then suddenly stop, your body will change back to what it was pre-regular exercise.  It’s the darnedest thing!  Anyway, after deducing that horrible fact at a friend’s house last weekend – she was in the bathroom and weighed herself and then she and her husband wanted to know how much Nick weighed because it’s a known fact he’s astonishingly weighted (he wins the lowest weight challenge every time) then her husband weighed himself to compare with Nick, then I didn’t want to be left out – I declared war.  I stopped cold turkey.  It is not as fun as normal life because I don’t get to munch my way through boredom, and I can’t just whip up a batch of pie crust to bake with cinnamon sugar on top.  However I feel more alert, and lighter inside because dense flour isn’t bringing me down anymore.

I am running out of creativity though.  My cooking genius involves using flours and noodles and potatoes, breads and crumbled cereal, and rice.  For breakfast this last week I’ve had a spinach omelet with cheddar, give or take mushrooms or tomatoes, at least five times.  I’ve had a fruit protein smoothie twice.  Lunch has been a can of tuna over lettuce, tomato, and pickle.  It’s a sammich without the bread, you see.  Dinner has been. . .whatever fit my requirements and my mouth.  does anyone have new ideas?  There are some good recipes out there, but they all call for onions or bell peppers, and I do not enjoy them.  Bells make me nauseated.  I also detest cucumbers.  Halp!