The above quote is from Harry Potter.  Ginger Ninja recently finished reading the series for the first time, and she just loved them.  That was rather handy, as I love them, too!  she loved them so much she started getting the movies, so she could watch them all.  she invited me over to watch the first one, and she showed me the wizard’s robe she had made for herself.  She even made up the pattern, kittens.  Girl’s got mad skillz.  Anyway, we heartily enjoyed the movie and watched #3 last weekend.  I tried not to die of burning envy because of her completely awesome robe.  I’m pretty sure I need one.  Also, I think we need to make wands.  All proper students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have wands and robes and house colors and badges and scarves and. . . I think I’m carried away but more importantly, I don’t mind.

It’s fun to be enchanted by magic.
We plan to watch all 7 or 8 or jillion movies.