My keyboard at work is a hand-me-down.  Of course it is, because purchasing a brand new keyboard for each employee is a bit of nonsense.  However, previous users of this keyboard have accumulated a vast number of pulled staples, crumbs, hair, coffee, and some form of sticky substance that doesn’t seem to want to leave.  I’ve used canned air to clean it out, trying to get the dang crumbs and particles of paper to leave.  Staples jam themselves sideways under useful keys, like the letter S, and caps lock.  I have to jury-rig a paper clip to try to maneuver the dang things out, but most of the time (like two days ago) I don’t succeed at getting the staples.  I just hook out a bundle of hairs, papers, and assorted food crumbs.  In between the keys are messy, too.
Since I’m supposed to work at work, I can’t spent an hour using cotton swabbies with rubbing alcohol or whatever to clean off my seriously kind of nasty keyboard.  Instead, I obsessively spray it out with canned air and turn it upside down and shake it.  That is what helps the staples to lodge under the keys, and then I have to fish them out, and I guess all I really have to say is that my keyboard is nasty and I’m stuck in a recursive cycle of unclean.