I want to write more often, but I feel like things in my life that have been occurring are either too personal for the WHOLE INTERNET, or just not interesting.
For example, by Not Eating Starchy Carbs daily, I have lost weight. It is possibly around ten pounds. Given that I was judging my original, scare-some-sense-into-me-and-make-me-sad weight based off of a very confused scale (it gives three different numbers when used thrice in succession without turning it off in between), I don’t know how much I have lost. However, I am a smaller-ish size than I was before. Nikolai and I can both see less of my tummy, and my jeans are fitting slightly better, as are some skirts I bought when I first shaped up.

I am still taking that crazy class that chews me up and spits me out each week, and often it’s the only exercise I get in a week. Because I am awesome, and behold my willpower and fortitude, yea verily. I have seen results in that arena, as well. I’ve taken it for about 4 weeks, maybe 5. I no longer feel like vomiting or fainting. I take many less breathers, and I do not require a full week to recover. My legs are stronger, the muscles more defined (in the proper lighting), and I can see 2 of my abs. It’s a mid-week six-pack! There are only a few missing! Get it? Like a six pack of beer that you buy on Monday and then you drink some of them and by the middle of the week there are only two left? You know what, never mind. Yesterday, I stopped wimping out and held a plank with the rest of the class for almost a minute, which is roughly 40 seconds longer than ever before.

We have made a couple late evening foraging runs to Fred Meyer, these past few weeks, an emerged with very cheap and delicious rotisserie chicken. The second chicken inspired Nikolai to create soup, so I threw a pointer or two his direction and then went and did something else. He cooked down the carcass with water (duh) a whole onion, some celery bits, and assorted spices that appealed to him (not cinnamon). Then he fished out the bones, added cooked noodles, and more celery, and bob’s your uncle we have soup! It is very yummy and he is proud of his accomplishment, as am I. Also, we have much-o soup-o. Please to come eat.