We have friends that own a parkour gym nearby.  Nikolai visited and learned a trick or two.  I told a friend about his new hobby, via this video which I can’t find in decent quality and entirety on youtube so I had to get it from hulu who seems to not like providing links. . .

The IM conversation that followed was thus:


 twelvedaysold: PARKOUR
 me: cartwheels out of chair, hits the door
 twelvedaysold: opens fridge, kicks away, rolls through door PARKOUR
me: does a handstand against the wall, skirt flies up PARKOUR
 twelvedaysold: backflips over coworker, punches wall PARKOUR
 me: sprints through reception, leaps through front doors handsfirst PARKOUR
 twelvedaysold: drives to destination PARKOUR FAIL
me: ohhhnnnnooo

7 minutes
me: walks down the hall, gets lunch NOT PARKOUR
 twelvedaysold: opens new window for facebook WHAT PARKOUR
 me: reads a book NO PARKOUR HERE
 twelvedaysold: sleeps for 8 hours PARKOUR IS MISSING
 me: has a beer with her husband WHERE IS YOUR GOD PARKOUR NOW?!
twelvedaysold: haha
 me: my lunch was yummy. PARKOUR