I know I qualify as a “kid” to some people, but really, kids these days. 

I was driving home from a bridal shower on Saturday and was going 25 through a nearby suburb when I saw a kid on a bicycle on the right “shoulder”.  Seriously, this road has NO SHOULDER AT ALL.  Anyway, kid was cycling along, no helmet (his choice), probably on his way home from the local pool.  I saw him there on the shoulder, and as a good driver I slowly veered left to go around him and continue on my merry way.  Kid swerved left, too, DIRECTLY INTO THE PATH OF MY VEHICLE.  I screeched my brakes, he gave a sheepish, apologetic wave, and continued across the street to what I assume was his home.

Here’s the thing:  when I learned to ride a bike, once I got my training wheels off and could steer with one hand for more than two seconds,  I learned how to signal for a left turn, right turn, and stop.  Always signal with your left arm.  Left elbow up at a 90 degree angle= right turn.  Left arm straight out, left turn.  Left arm down at a 90 degree angle= slow and stop.  EVERYONE KNOWS THIS.  It’s not like it’s a secret code, it’s supposed to be universal!  It’s supposed to be something everyone on the road knows that facilitates the safety of everyone!

And so I almost hit a kid wearing no helmet on a bike while I tried to steer around him except he swooped across the street directly in front of me and I freaked out about it for two days.