Do you ever just get weepy?  I don’t know about you alls, but I do.  I am an emotional critter but I don’t cry that often.  I save up my tears for about three, maybe four months, then I sob.  I didn’t cry during The Neverending Flight Home From Florida, I didn’t mourn my feet with the Blisters of Doom, and touching moments in shows and movies over the last months only made me sniffle a little.  I’ve been saving up my tears for a few months now, and in these final days I’ve been alerted that my time is near.  For example: everything is making me shaky-breathe.  I watch two seconds of a relatively non-emotion-inducing music video, and my voice goes all quavery.  I look over at Nikolai, and I feel a sploosh of warmfuzzy feelings, and then I choke on a sob.  We visit some old friends of mine and spend the afternoon laughing till it hurts, and I feel my face start to freeze into a crazy rictus of Greek tragedy, as tears attempt to flee my eyeball holes.  The story is funny, but not sad.  Why, eyes?  WHYYYYY????!!
I told Nick that it’s time for my quarterly cry.  He looked confused.  I clarified that I will be needing to watch a tear-jerker from my childhood, as opposed to a newer movie where everyone dies and the heroine is alone and then her dog leaves her.  I cannot handle those.  I will not be watching Where The Red Fern Grows, OR Old Yeller, betch please.  I will be watching like, Peter Pan or A Little Princess or The Secret Garden, something that is joyful and heart-wrenching and that I can cry at for the 90 minutes of running time.  No, I will not watch The Notebook.  I almost asphyxiated on my heart the last (only) time I watched it, and then I spent another week in the mournful sighs and lovelorn mopes.  I don’t need that, I need a feel-good, cry with happiness and be done movie.
Am I the only one that does this?  I can’t be.  Please tell me I’m not. . . . *sniffle*