Fun Fact:  5am and 6am are totally different times.  this is apparently something I don’t know.  I say this because this morning comfortably woke, stretched, looked at the clock, swore, and dove out of bed.  No, really.  I do a sideways slide so I don’t pull all the covers off of Nikolai.  I’m an awesome bedmate, except for the talking in my sleep and the elbows to the face and the forceful cuddling.  I was out of bed with one unsteady leg in my sweats  before I looked at the clock again.  I stopped.  something was odd. . . I didn’t recall turning off the alarm.  I could see that it was still programmed to go off on time.  Was it Saturday?  No. . . then I made my great realization:  ten past 5 and ten past 6 are two different times of day (four, if you’re being picky).  I climbed back in bed, and took a few minutes of my newly discovered extra hour of sleep to recover from the adrenaline burst.  Believe it or not, I’ve misread the clock many times before, mistaking a 1 for a 7 and a 6 for an 8.

I woke up when my alarm went off, just like every other morning.  And then I almost went back to sleep.